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Brixton Minibus & Coach Hire

Get to, from, in and around Brixton with ease when you hire a minibus with us. Famed for its vibrant market and wonderful bars, restaurants and cafes, Brixton is one of those must see areas of London. No matter if you are travelling to this part of London for business or for leisure, we are confident that we have got the perfect minibus rental service for you. If you are coming here as a tourist, then may we recommend our coach tours? See the sights of the region in comfort in the hands of a capable and experienced driver. If you are visiting for business reasons, then make sure to check out our executive coach services. We cater for all types of travellers, including party goers heading out to wedding receptions, school groups from Brixton's rightly renowned schools heading off on educational trips, families on holiday together and much more.

When it comes to the minibuses that we have on offer, there is a whole lot of variety here. In terms of size, for example, you can choose a bus with 8, 12, 14 or 16 seats. Hire several buses if your group size is larger - that is no problem for us! Our fleet contains various different minibus options, including budget friendly options for those of our customers who do not want to spend too much on their transport. We also offer dedicated airport transfers if you want to get from a nearby airport to your final destination in Brixton (and from Brixton to the airport, of course) without any hassle at all. Book your travel with us today - it only takes a few clicks or a quick phone call - and get ready for a comfortable journey with one of our famously punctual drivers.